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16 March 2012 @ 06:17 pm
kids & collection weeding - closed!  
Info and Rules
  • Shipping is a flat $2.50 anywhere.

  • I do not give quotes. Please add up your own totals and wait for confirmation from me.

  • All items are secondhand unless otherwise mentioned, and may have scratches, paint rubs, or writing on them. I will not take any additional photos as I have limited time during daylight hours. Please do not ask :(

  • Once you receive your total from me, please send your payment!
    My Paypal Address: gundam_assassin[at]msn[dot]com
    Please make sure your address is correct, and include your LJ name and purchase in the memo ♥

  • Trades: No trades! I need space and money for Keldeo. ...Unless you have Keldeo things? :D

  • Holds: I will hold for 48 hours (or longer if you've purchased from me before).

  • Payment Plans: If you purchase more than $100 worth of items, you may ask about a payment plan.

  • Shipping: All items are shipped in bubble mailers unless otherwise requested. I ship international orders on Thursday from 85032, US. Domestic orders may go out sooner :)
    I am not responsible for items lost in the mail - let me know if you'd like to purchase insurance!

  • Sales permission from denkimouse in 2008. Feedback is here, yo.

this post is closed!!

$3 Kids: Brand new with their stickers and candy! These will be shipped without their boxes - if you'd like the box included, please add $1.
Sold: cubchoo x1, duosion x1

TCG promo Kids: Brand new with candy! Unopened kids are $4 and include their TCG promos (subtract $1 if you don't want the card!), open kids are $3. These will be shipped without their boxes - if you'd like the box included, please add $1.
Sold: Ducklett, lilligant

Johto Charms: $10 each~

$5 Postcards: All in great condition, though a couple have minor corner wear.
Sold: all postcards with the Pichu Brothers; card with ditto/parasect/Ash; sleepy Hammock card

^ above postcard only $3 ^ Sold!

Shellder/Cloyster: $1 each!
Sold: metal cloyster

Chibi Pokemodels: $8 each! Chansey is $2 - has some wear :c
Sold: Growlithe

Fire Pokemon: all from my personal collection. All sold!

Ninetales kid - $3
Ninetales stamper - $5
Vulpix in-case figure - $5
holo Flareon pog - $2

(Flareon metal figure is being auctioned)

Sentret/Furret: all are secondhand except zukan~

Sentret TFG - $10 Sold!
Sentret Battle Museum - $2 Sold!
Furret Kid - $2 Sold!
Furret Battle Museum - $2 On hold!
Furret car - $2 (has some paint wear on side/bottom) SSold!
Zukan - $40

Regigigas: $3 kid, $1 chou get

Dialga: $1 each; gum is $2. all are secondhand (except gum!)

Wynaut: $2 each Sold!

Elekid and Smoochum: $1 each; Smoochum Tomy is $3.

Mime Jr., Spheal, Azurill:

Kid - $2
zukan piece - $1
Wobblers - $3
Charms - $2
Azurills sold, and Mime Jr. charm on hold

Heracross and Igglybuff: $1 each; metal scene is $4. (Sold!)

Cleffa: $1 each. Stamper is free with any purchase - it still stamps, but the light is out and Cleffa had broken off when I received her ;__;


zukan - $10 On hold!
kids - $1 each On hold!
rare Banpresto stamper - $5 Sold!
battle museum - $1
magnet - $2 Sold!
chibi pokemodel - $8

Metal figures: $3 each All sold!

Misc 1:

Seadra in-case - $2
Seadra metal collection figure - $8
Shuppet chess piece - $8 On hold!

Misc 2:

Victini bottlecap x2 - $2
Entei zukan - $5 On hold!
Meowth Chopstick rest - $2 (Ledyba sold!)
Charmander lenticular - $1
Blaziken, Mankey, Flygon, Metapod - $1

Misc 3:

Jakks Totodile & Chikorita - $2 each
rollerball targets - 50c each, or one free per $3 purchase

Misc 4: $1 each; duskull is $2 (includes pokeball; sold!). Arbok stamper is missing cover (Sold!).

Happiny Zukan: $10 - I accidentally wound up with too many!


Pikachu x1, Chikorita - $3 each
Houndoom - $20
Suicune, Raikou - $5
Espeon - $20

Rare Johto Banpresto Stampers: $5 each! all brand new. Sold!

151 Pins: $2 each! Blastoise has a blastoise sticker on him from his previous owner.
Sold: weepinbell, blastoise

Chibi Stampers: $2 each! Sold!

$1 Stampers: Pikachu no longer stamps. Charizard is pretty loved - it no longer stamps and is free with any order! All sold!

Keychains: $3 each; Beedrill is $1.
Sold: Flygon

Battle Pencils: $5 Ninetails and Growlithe; $4 Vulpix (has been sharpened); $1 others. These will be shipped in bubblemailers - please specify if you'd prefer a box! (shipping for a box will be $3)
Sold: Growlithe, Mr Mime, Vulpix

DP Fire Pokemon Cup: $10 (shipping is $3 - must be sent in box) Sold!

Mascot Plush:

Joltik - $25 Sold!
Woobat - $20
Wynaut & Duskull - $4 each

Zoroark TOMY: $40 shipped

All shipping is a flat $2.50 unless otherwise specified - you can add up your own quotes! Additionally, I will not hound you for payment. If you don't pay in 24 hours after you have your total, your item(s) will go to the next interested buyer :(

Arinoxxbunny on April 14th, 2012 01:13 am (UTC)
Can I get a quote for all the postcards you have left that have the Pichu Brothers on them to 95020? :3
Arinoxxbunny on April 14th, 2012 01:16 am (UTC)
Whoops, just saw the last part at the bottom(I'm a little woozy right now from a headache. My apologies) So it should be around $14.50? I'm also bad at math. >_>;
Red Drifloon (●✖●)99reddrifloons on April 14th, 2012 01:26 am (UTC)
Haha, no prob XD I've actually got four postcards left with pichu brothers - here and here! If you want all of them, it'd be $22.50 total, or $12.50 for two~ Let me know which ones you'd like! ^^
Arinoxxbunny on April 14th, 2012 01:29 am (UTC)
I have no idea how I miscounted twice. I'm a freaking genius. I'll take all four of them! That art is just too adorable xD I'll send payment right now. :D
Red Drifloon (●✖●)99reddrifloons on April 14th, 2012 01:39 am (UTC)
Got it! ^^ I'll have them shipped asap~