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29 December 2011 @ 07:14 pm
Info and Rules
  • All items are secondhand unless otherwise mentioned, and may have scratches, paint rubs, or writing on them.

  • Once you receive your total from me, please send your payment!
    My Paypal Address: gundam_assassin[at]msn[dot]com
    Please make sure your address is correct, and include your LJ name and purchase in the memo ♥

  • Trades: No trades this round! I need to clear some space in my room ^^;

  • Holds: I will hold for 48 hours.

  • Payment Plans: n/a for this round~

  • Shipping: All items are shipped in bubble mailers unless otherwise requested. I ship international orders on Thursday from 85032, US. Domestic orders may go out sooner :)
    I am not responsible for items lost in the mail - let me know if you'd like to purchase insurance!

  • Sales permission from denkimouse in 2008. Feedback is here, yo.

All shipping is a flat $2.50 unless otherwise specified - you can add up your own quotes! Also, I will not hound you for payment. If you don't pay in 24 hours after you have your total, your item will go to the next interested buyer :(

Johto line charms, rare TCG charm & strap set, Hey You, Pikachu! pin set.

Larvitar line: $35

Teddiursa line: $15

TCG charms & strap: $50 obo. Features Base set Pikachu and EX Charizard. Sold!

Hey You, Pikachu! pin set: $20 obo

Metal coin purses: $3 each. Second photo shows backs.

Jakks & TOMY Figures:

MIB Jakks - $4 each (sold: giratina)
Totodile & Chikorita - $2 each
MIB Tomys - $5 each (hold: mew)

Clefable - $2 (doesn't include Clefairy Doll)

Squirtle line - $2 each

Mint "Oldschool" Merch:

Charmander Pokeball Keychains - $8 each
Pokemon Rollers - $2 each
Roller Targets - $0.50 each


Espeon x2 x1 - $17 each
Suicune x1 - $5 each
Raikou x2 x1 - $5 each
Pikachu x2 - $3 each
Chikorita x2 - $3 each

BW Kids: $4 each. Please let me know if you want the box (will be shipped flat).

BW Kids with TCG Promos: $5 each. Please let me know if you want the box (will be shipped flat).

$3 Kids: newer releases. Girafarig is both old and new release, from my personal collection.

$1 Clear Kids: older releases. Only raticate left!

$1 Kids: older releases, some have a child's name written inside.
Sold: haunter x1, gengar

Gold Metal Swing Keychains:

Seadra x2 - $3 each
Grimer - $2
Pinsir - $1
Nidoqueen - $5
Weepinbell - $3
Eevee - $25
Golbat - $3

$5 Metal Figures: from my personal collection. Ninetails is $10.
Sold: growlithe, all haunter, all gengar, shuppet

$2 Metal Figures: from my personal collection.

Zukan: from my personal collection.

Totodile line: $15
Shuppet line: $15
Buneary line: $5
Castform: $10
Girafarig: $8

Nidoking line MIP: $50

Pokedoll Figures: $6 each. Bonsly was a keychain figure, Mime Jr. is missing his base.

In-Case Figures: $2 each.

Pins: $3 each.
Sold: Charizard

Ensky Magnet Sheets: $3 a sheet
Sold: purrloin/liepard

Magnets: $3 each, except Pokeball and Misty who are $1.

NIP Magnets: $10 for eevee/slowpoke, $5 for others. If you can find someone to split with you, I'll consider separating.

Chibi Stampers: Front row $1, back row $5.
Sold: gengar

Roller Stampers: $5 each (cases gone!). These are straight from the package, though the ink has leaked over the covers. They all still work!

Mew "Catch" Figure: $5. Comes with cardboard instructions.

Battle Spinners: $1 each, Tyranitar is $5 obo. Pikachu is free with any purchase of $5 or more (he's pretty marked up).

Bottlecaps: $1 each.
Hold: horsea

Misc Keychains: $1 each
Hold: togepi

McDonald's Toys: $1 each
Sold: zoroark x1

Clipping Figures: $1 each

Chou Get: $1 each

Wobblers: $1 each

Misc Figures: $1 each.
Sold: solid haunter

1/1 Eevee: $350. She's mint with tag detached, and I will not haggle on her price. Shipping is $30 international (Priority insured), or $11 in the states (Priority; insurance is $5).

DX Shimmery Arceus: $45 shipped. Has cracking on feet, but otherwise mint.

Zoroark TOMY: $45 shipped

Piplup Bag: $3


Jakks Igglybuff - $5
BW Tour Plush - $7 each
Bonsly Pokedoll - $10

Jakks Plush - $7 each
Arceus Banpresto - $7
Pichu Earmuffs - $18 (loved)
Girl Pikachu - $28 (hang tag detached)

Jingly-chus - $1 each
These guys have inflatable balls in their bodies that I can't open due to how aged they are, and the elastic strings are aged as well. :c

Pichu, Croagunk, Bonsly - $2
Hoppip, Haunter, Mewtwo - $5
Please note Mewtwo is a change to pokeball plush, and his zipper doesn't like to stay closed.

Applause Squirtle - $10 obo. Mint condition with pokeball!
Others - $1 each. In need of a bath~

Foil Bromides: $2 each.

Holo Bromide Cards: $2 each. May have edgewear.

(totodile is holo, beasts are foil, starters are regular)

Regular Bromide Cards: $1 each. May have edgewear.
Sold: torterra

Amada Magnets: $2 each.

Square Things: $1 each.
Hold: both deoxys

Lenticular Cards: $1 each.
Hold: all deoxys

Menko Cards: $1 each.

Meiji Cards + eReaders?: Meiji cards are $3 each, and $5 for the stack of Japanese eReader (?) cards.

More Flats: $1 each.

Pokepark Poster/Mat: $8 - it's big!

Stickers: $2 each

Above sticker sold~

All shipping is a flat $2.50 unless otherwise specified - you can add up your own quotes! Also, I will not hound you for payment. If you don't pay in 24 hours after you have your total, your item will go to the next interested buyer :(
(Deleted comment)
Red Drifloon (●✖●)99reddrifloons on January 8th, 2012 06:25 pm (UTC)
Derp, somehow skipped the togepi stamper/missed some squirtles XD added them back to the list (I have it saved as a text file on my computer now to make sure it doesn't disappear). There's one more squirtle pull-back figure in the misc section, would you like him too? ^^

Alrighty, from your lapras pictures, I'm interested in a keychain figure (are there any differences in them aside from having the chain/loop? I'd like the one with chain ^^), mini cup, open-mouth FCS and the four next to it (do you know which ones they are? the swimming one is adorable!), wind-up figure, BK launcher, and dog tag. Also the TFG (I 100% want this now XD just had to think it over), Tomy plush, and DX kids~ How much were you looking for on those?

From the stampers, I traded away the poli line and some bugs, but there's still doubles from those left. There's a lot to go through, but off the top of my head there's a glow-in-the-dark secret rare pikachu, and there aren't any raichu, lapras, ponyta/rapidash, starters (except a wartortle), eevees, or dragon types. I know there's around 50-55 stampers in there still ^^