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29 December 2011 @ 07:14 pm
Info and Rules
  • All items are secondhand unless otherwise mentioned, and may have scratches, paint rubs, or writing on them.

  • Once you receive your total from me, please send your payment!
    My Paypal Address: gundam_assassin[at]msn[dot]com
    Please make sure your address is correct, and include your LJ name and purchase in the memo ♥

  • Trades: No trades this round! I need to clear some space in my room ^^;

  • Holds: I will hold for 48 hours.

  • Payment Plans: n/a for this round~

  • Shipping: All items are shipped in bubble mailers unless otherwise requested. I ship international orders on Thursday from 85032, US. Domestic orders may go out sooner :)
    I am not responsible for items lost in the mail - let me know if you'd like to purchase insurance!

  • Sales permission from denkimouse in 2008. Feedback is here, yo.

All shipping is a flat $2.50 unless otherwise specified - you can add up your own quotes! Also, I will not hound you for payment. If you don't pay in 24 hours after you have your total, your item will go to the next interested buyer :(

Johto line charms, rare TCG charm & strap set, Hey You, Pikachu! pin set.

Larvitar line: $35

Teddiursa line: $15

TCG charms & strap: $50 obo. Features Base set Pikachu and EX Charizard. Sold!

Hey You, Pikachu! pin set: $20 obo

Metal coin purses: $3 each. Second photo shows backs.

Jakks & TOMY Figures:

MIB Jakks - $4 each (sold: giratina)
Totodile & Chikorita - $2 each
MIB Tomys - $5 each (hold: mew)

Clefable - $2 (doesn't include Clefairy Doll)

Squirtle line - $2 each

Mint "Oldschool" Merch:

Charmander Pokeball Keychains - $8 each
Pokemon Rollers - $2 each
Roller Targets - $0.50 each


Espeon x2 x1 - $17 each
Suicune x1 - $5 each
Raikou x2 x1 - $5 each
Pikachu x2 - $3 each
Chikorita x2 - $3 each

BW Kids: $4 each. Please let me know if you want the box (will be shipped flat).

BW Kids with TCG Promos: $5 each. Please let me know if you want the box (will be shipped flat).

$3 Kids: newer releases. Girafarig is both old and new release, from my personal collection.

$1 Clear Kids: older releases. Only raticate left!

$1 Kids: older releases, some have a child's name written inside.
Sold: haunter x1, gengar

Gold Metal Swing Keychains:

Seadra x2 - $3 each
Grimer - $2
Pinsir - $1
Nidoqueen - $5
Weepinbell - $3
Eevee - $25
Golbat - $3

$5 Metal Figures: from my personal collection. Ninetails is $10.
Sold: growlithe, all haunter, all gengar, shuppet

$2 Metal Figures: from my personal collection.

Zukan: from my personal collection.

Totodile line: $15
Shuppet line: $15
Buneary line: $5
Castform: $10
Girafarig: $8

Nidoking line MIP: $50

Pokedoll Figures: $6 each. Bonsly was a keychain figure, Mime Jr. is missing his base.

In-Case Figures: $2 each.

Pins: $3 each.
Sold: Charizard

Ensky Magnet Sheets: $3 a sheet
Sold: purrloin/liepard

Magnets: $3 each, except Pokeball and Misty who are $1.

NIP Magnets: $10 for eevee/slowpoke, $5 for others. If you can find someone to split with you, I'll consider separating.

Chibi Stampers: Front row $1, back row $5.
Sold: gengar

Roller Stampers: $5 each (cases gone!). These are straight from the package, though the ink has leaked over the covers. They all still work!

Mew "Catch" Figure: $5. Comes with cardboard instructions.

Battle Spinners: $1 each, Tyranitar is $5 obo. Pikachu is free with any purchase of $5 or more (he's pretty marked up).

Bottlecaps: $1 each.
Hold: horsea

Misc Keychains: $1 each
Hold: togepi

McDonald's Toys: $1 each
Sold: zoroark x1

Clipping Figures: $1 each

Chou Get: $1 each

Wobblers: $1 each

Misc Figures: $1 each.
Sold: solid haunter

1/1 Eevee: $350. She's mint with tag detached, and I will not haggle on her price. Shipping is $30 international (Priority insured), or $11 in the states (Priority; insurance is $5).

DX Shimmery Arceus: $45 shipped. Has cracking on feet, but otherwise mint.

Zoroark TOMY: $45 shipped

Piplup Bag: $3


Jakks Igglybuff - $5
BW Tour Plush - $7 each
Bonsly Pokedoll - $10

Jakks Plush - $7 each
Arceus Banpresto - $7
Pichu Earmuffs - $18 (loved)
Girl Pikachu - $28 (hang tag detached)

Jingly-chus - $1 each
These guys have inflatable balls in their bodies that I can't open due to how aged they are, and the elastic strings are aged as well. :c

Pichu, Croagunk, Bonsly - $2
Hoppip, Haunter, Mewtwo - $5
Please note Mewtwo is a change to pokeball plush, and his zipper doesn't like to stay closed.

Applause Squirtle - $10 obo. Mint condition with pokeball!
Others - $1 each. In need of a bath~

Foil Bromides: $2 each.

Holo Bromide Cards: $2 each. May have edgewear.

(totodile is holo, beasts are foil, starters are regular)

Regular Bromide Cards: $1 each. May have edgewear.
Sold: torterra

Amada Magnets: $2 each.

Square Things: $1 each.
Hold: both deoxys

Lenticular Cards: $1 each.
Hold: all deoxys

Menko Cards: $1 each.

Meiji Cards + eReaders?: Meiji cards are $3 each, and $5 for the stack of Japanese eReader (?) cards.

More Flats: $1 each.

Pokepark Poster/Mat: $8 - it's big!

Stickers: $2 each

Above sticker sold~

All shipping is a flat $2.50 unless otherwise specified - you can add up your own quotes! Also, I will not hound you for payment. If you don't pay in 24 hours after you have your total, your item will go to the next interested buyer :(
havvaiibabehavvaiibabe on January 1st, 2012 10:23 am (UTC)
Staryu Magnet- $3
Bulba Roller- $2
Psyduck Roller- $2
Pidgeyotto Magnet-$3
Gold Staryu Metal Figure-$2
Starmie Metal Figure- $2
Staryu and Starmie BottleCaps- $2
Absol 'Square thing'- $1
Latias and Latios Lenticular Cards- $2
First Generation Lenticular Card- $1
= $22.50 (with shipping)

If the other people pass, with butterfree it would be $25.50, with Eevee and slowpoke it would be $32.50, and for both I'd be $35.50!

Calculated my own quote aww yeahh

But yeah, let me know. Sorry I've added and subtracted things. I'm on the fence about getting the Eevee Metal Swing Figure lol

Edited at 2012-01-01 10:32 am (UTC)
Red Drifloon (●✖●)99reddrifloons on January 1st, 2012 07:10 pm (UTC)
Haha, no worries! XD I will let you know if the other people pass, but for now your first quote is correct!
havvaiibabehavvaiibabe on January 1st, 2012 10:18 pm (UTC)
Cool thanks! Can't wait to hear back! <3
Red Drifloon (●✖●)99reddrifloons on January 3rd, 2012 12:07 am (UTC)
Hi, just letting you know that the Butterfree, Eevee and Slowpoke sold, so your total is the same! ♥ If I stumble on any ebay lots with those magnets, I'll send you a PM :)
havvaiibabehavvaiibabe on January 3rd, 2012 01:20 am (UTC)
Aww okay. Thanks for letting me know! Do you mind if I pay in a few hours? My mom has the paypal password because I cannot be trusted with it mwah ha ha (;

And thanks so much, I'd really like that. It totally didn't occur to me that they would be on Ebay lol (:

Thanks again!
Red Drifloon (●✖●)99reddrifloons on January 3rd, 2012 01:33 am (UTC)
That's no problem at all! XD and yes, I got most of my magnets from ebay - I lucked out with a seller having a ton (more than her listing) and she sent me all of them when I won her auction. I see more of them from time to time ^^
havvaiibabehavvaiibabe on January 4th, 2012 01:59 am (UTC)
Wow I just looked and I never knew! Thanks so much! and payment was just sent! Sorry for the delay :/
Red Drifloon (●✖●)99reddrifloons on January 4th, 2012 04:07 am (UTC)
No prob ^^ I'll send your stuff out on Thursday!
havvaiibabehavvaiibabe on January 18th, 2012 02:10 am (UTC)
Hello! I just wanted to let you know that my things came! Yay! I just left some feedback, so if you could leave me some that'd be great! Thanks! <3